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How to create articles for easy Trending

Friend bloggers are certainly in writing articles we always hope that the articles we write will be trending on the internet, right? However, sometimes what we expect does not match in reality. The article we write instead of trending is instead.

of course we will feel sad if like that. Well, so that you are not sad after writing articles and articles that you write can be a trending topic, then see the description below about how to create articles for easy to trending.

1. Search for Popular topics

The first step before you should write an article should you think about a hot popular topic – the heat to discuss. After that make your article topic based on that popular topic, this can certainly make it easier for articles that you write to be trending topics. This can be done by reading information from Google Trends.

2. Define interesting and cool titles

Once you've determined the topic, you'll also have to specify a compelling and cool headline so many fans are reading your article. That is because in general a reader of articles before reading the content of the article will read the title first. If the title is not interesting usually the potential reader is not so read the content of the article you created.

3. Create a good URL

If the URL for the article you're creating is good, it will make it easier for people to share your articles on their social media. Of course if your articles are interesting and many of them are the most likely your article to be trending is huge.

4. Share the article on the right Canel

To make your articles a trending one of them is to share your articles, both through online and ofline media. But not necessarily will be a lot of interest because they are not interested in the topic you discussed. Well, if you share a followed article on a place that is interested in a topic that you are discussing you will have a big enough chance to make your articles become trending.

Well, that's a couple of ways to make your article so trending. Hopefully this information is useful. Thank.

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