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Best Preparation Before Building A Blog

Blogging is one of the many activities done nowadays by the vast majority of people on the Internet, there are many purposes they build a blog, some of which like sharing information to everyone who is on the internet By showing a particular niche and there are also aimed at producing coffers of rupiah that can later be used as a long term investment. Well on this wonderful occasion, we want to give you a little tips on what kind of preparation to build a blog that really looks professional and is certainly able to bring a lot of income in the future.

Here's getting started before blogging

Define your Blog category

The first thing is to determine the category of blogs that you will create, some people easily define their categories because basically they already have an idea like what the blog will later be created. It's better if your blog is still related to your hoby or your current favorite so that in creating article content can be really targeted and easier.

This is an important first step for you to consider matured, many bloggers fail because they're stuck in the middle of the road.

Define Brand Domains and themes

The next second tip from us is to determine the brand of domains that can later provide more value to your own blog's distinctive features. We take the example here that you create a blog with the aim to market a brand that you are making for example T-shirts.

Then the use of the domain name is more good if using a brand or theme that you are creating. Then then do not forget to use an elegant choice of themes so that the blog really looks convincing and has a good selling value.

Well that's a quick setup tip before you create a blog either with the purpose of sharing it or to find a side income. Thank you for visiting and hopefully this article is useful for all of us.

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