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How to Make Blogs Easier and More Professional

Friend blogger, Do you have a blog? If not, note the explanation is ok now that the current blogging is already quite easy to do, there are many tutorials available on the internet, but sometimes in making the blog itself there are still many lay people who are not satisfied with the results. Personal blogs as well as business websites, so that the blogs that we have seen are more professional, of course, will be able to attract many visitors to our blog site. To make your blog site look more professional, I will explain what are needed to help blog sites look more professional. the following;

1. Use a logo or brand

The logo serves to show the identity of your blog site, make your blog site logo design simple but elegant, thus adding a professional point to your blog site. whether it's a personal blog site or a business logo and brand is still something important

2. Show Taglines that are simple and clear

Make a simple and shortest tagline so that the objectives of your blog site can be conveyed well to visitors and your blog can be easily remembered by visitors.

3. There is a clear profile information menu

In the menu about blog sites, it would be nice if there was a complete and clear explanation about yourself. Besides that, add your contact who is still active so that your blog visitors will be more trusted if you want to use existing products and services.

4. Frequently update articles

Do a number of updates, whether it's design articles or information on your blog site so that it doesn't look like a blog site that is abandoned by blog visitors. manage

5. Use a private domain, not a free one

In several hosting platforms, it does provide a free version, but it must be accompanied by sub domains on your website, you should spend a little money so that your domain is the way you want without having to subabab the sub domain from the hosting provider, is it? already know the meaning and type of domain? the definition of the type of site domain type blog, domain is the name to identify the name of the server such as a web server, the domain itself has many types even in each country has a very large variety of domains. The domain is divided into 3 levels, namely Top level domain, second level domain, and third level domain. However, in this discussion I will give an explanation of the types of domains and functions that exist in the Top LavelDoamin level, and the following meanings and types of domains for blog sites:


Is a domain that is very commonly used, this domain is a domain that is created is indeed used for public sites or blogs, both used for personal and business companies

2. .Net

Is a domain that is used for websites related to the internet

3. .Org

It is a domain that is used for websites that are related to the interests of a particular organization.

4. Info

Is a domain that is used for the web that is related as information to inform something.

5. Name

Is a domain that is used right for private websites. Usually used for family webs that use big family name titles. And it can only be accessed with the permission of the website owner.

6. Eddu

Is a domain that is used for websites related to education. And only limited can be used for education


It is the domain used for websites related to the American military force and can only be used by the American military force.

8. .biz

Is a domain that is used for websites with business needs. Biz itself is taken from the word BUsissnes

9. .tv

Is a domain commonly used by press media companies such as television stations, radio, magazines or newspapers.

10.. Travel

Is a domain that is commonly used by companies providing tourism services such as tour package providers.

Those are some ways that you can do to create a blog easily and more professionally. And some types of domains in the Top Lavel Domain Category along with their functions, just additional information is also currently having a submission process. Xxx domains that are used specifically for pornographic websites. So much information from me, hopefully it can be useful and thank you.

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