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What Is A Blog Blogger

Blogs come from the word Web and Log WEBLOG which means online records that are on the web.A more complete definition, a blog is a website that contains articles, articles or useful information that is updated regularly and can be accessed online both publicly and privately.

Here are the characteristics of a blog in general;

Has a name and address that can be accessed online.

Have a purpose.

Have content or posts in the form of articles, notes and other information.

Archived blog posts or contents saved according to date, month and year of posting.

Blog content generally always increases or updates according to the purpose of the blog.

General Blog Objectives include;

Delivering information that is useful for yourself and for others Providing benefits for yourself and others Channel hobbies and fill free time with positive activities Working or self-actualization Exchange knowledge with readers, bloggers write, visitors give feedback or comments sharing experiences sharing useful software, such as photos, movies, videos, documents, etc. many more, according to the type, topic raised

Because blogs are various types, the purpose of the blog is also influenced by the type of blog.for example:

Personal Blog Purpose: aims to provide updated information about the blog owner. Regarding experiences, memorable things, daily notes, personal travel notes, etc.

Health Blog Purpose: aims to provide the latest health information.

Purpose of a business blog: aims to provide up-to-date information about the business of a company.

Informasi lebih lengkap seputar blog, silahkan baca di situs

Understanding Blogger:

Blogger is the owner of the blog or author of the contents of the blog.

Blogger Ethics:

Have a good goal Make original articles posts, not copy paste plagiarism or other activities that violate copyright without the owner's permission Do not make posts that harm others, interfere, cheat spam, contain violence, sara issues, and other negative things.

Blog Development:

At present, especially in Indonesia, blogging activities are developing very rapidly with various goals as well. Most blogs still describe the concept of pure blogging, but some blogs also develop according to the willingness and purpose of the owner, so many contain free material and sometimes out of the concept of actual blogging.


Splogs stands for spam blogs, splogs generally contain spam information that cannot be justified, and is detrimental to someone or other parties.

If you want to create a blog on, it's good that you also understand the Term of Service, this is so that you know what can or can't be done in blogging activities using


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